What does speaking at a QS higher education conference bring you?

Great PR Opportunity For Your Institution and Yourself

By speaking at a QS higher education conference, you project your university’s brand to the global higher education arena, and will be regarded as a representative of a progressive, dynamic and internationalizing institution.

Contribution To Global/Regional Higher Education

QS conferences and seminars are a way for universities and others involved in higher education to come together and find solutions to common challenges. Speakers have a critical role in the networking and exchange of ideas at QS events.

Forming Partnerships

Speakers at QS events gain personal connections – emails, names, handshakes, friendships – with well-connected, senior academics as well as potential clients. They also meet old friends and revive long-forgotten relations.

Benefiting From A Huge Brainstorming Session

By speaking at QS events, speakers get to voice out their opinions and get the audience to think about what they could/should be doing as compared to what they are actually doing; or perhaps challenge the speakers opinion about what should/could be done.

Enjoying The Perks That Come With Speaking

Speakers at QS events will get to either enjoy a subsidised presenter rate or receive a complimentary attendance pass – A good incentive to prepare and deliver presentations on topics that are within their area of expertise!